Mother with her Child


After having a baby, it can be a little intimidating on how best to get back to feeling yourself.  At Lynch Physical Therapy, we believe in the importance of creating a safe and healing environment for you as you are recovering. Physical therapy can be a very effective and holistic part of your recovery.


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The Basis of Postpartum Rehabilitation

Postpartum recovery will depend from patient to patient depending on whether there was a vaginal or c-section delivery, tearing, prolapse and degree of diastasis recti. Each client will be provided unique recommendations on whether or not slings, pessaries or other agents would be beneficial or not in their healing. We recognize that there are a lot of factors in play when a woman is recovering from childbirth. We will help to guide you in the right direction for additional resources in nutrition, mental health and appropriate exercise intensity.

Physiotherapist checking patients pelvis


Remodeling Soft Tissue

A comprehensive assessment and manual treatment of the muscles and skeletal structures of the essential with pelvic pain. The pelvic floor, buttocks, lumbar spine and hip muscles are often assessed for tenderness and soft tissue dysfunction. Wherever the physical therapist identifies myofascial trigger points in the muscle is often a very effective area to relieve pain symptoms. By providing gentle mobilization to these areas soft tissue improvement to the abdominal wall especially after having had a c-section. If a c-section scars over improperly it can affect a woman’s ability to effectively contraction her abdominal muscles greatly. The abdominals muscles are an essential part of a person's overall stability and strength.


Skilled pelvic physical therapists address the muscles and soft tissue structures of the abdominals, pelvis and hips to reduce pelvic pain. Utilizing soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release techniques, muscle adhesions are reduced and normal movement patterns return. The abdominals, pelvic floor and hip muscles are comprehensively mobilized both superficially and internally as needed with consent from our client. 

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Stretching and Functional Strength

Your pelvic floor deserves so much more than kegels! Depending on what is happening with your pelvic floor, kegels could even make your symptoms worse. Therapeutic exercises including pelvic floor stability, yoga poses, stretching and functional strength training are a vital aspect of pelvic floor rehabilitation. A client pursues physical therapy to experience pelvic pain relief in their real life activities. Exercise programs will be tailored to each client depending on what the goals are. Do you want to get back to running after having a baby? Are you hoping to stop leaking when you cough? Do you want to be able to get back to weight lifting without prolapse? Are you hoping to stop having pain during sex with your partner? We are here to help support you with your individual goals.