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Kinesio taping is a unique method designed to provide support without limiting motion. The tape is made of a cotton and nylon blend and is intended to mimic the skin’s elasticity improving range of motion in the body. The tape is applied directly to the skin and works to lift the top layer of fascia allowing fluids to move freely underneath as well as causing decompression to underlying tissues. Taping can be used to provide support, decrease inflammation, decrease pain and improve overall muscle performance. Tape is created to last three to five days, even with normal showering/ bathing. 


What can be treated with Kinesio Taping?

Tape can be applied to any muscle in the body including but not limited to upper traps, cervical paraspinals, abdominals, quads, hip flexors, IT band, hamstrings and glutes to either inhibit or facilitate motion of the muscle or improve postural awareness. Tape can also be used with any joint, including shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and wrists to provide support and increase joint spacing. Lastly tape can be used to decrease swelling and bruising in an area. 


Is the procedure painful? Tape is applied directly to the skin but should not be painful or cause soreness on the skin’s surface. Most major tape brands are latex free, however allergic reactions may occur. If you experience any itching, burning or irritation with taping be sure to remove tape immediately and wash skin underneath. To avoid injury, remove tape gently using warm water or baby oil to avoid any tearing of the skin beneath tape. 


How long does the procedure take to work?

You should feel effects of tape immediately after application and results will generally last as long as tape remains on the skin. Decrease in swelling and bruising may take a few hours to notice results. 

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